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Why carry a gun?Answering this question the RIGHT way makes a massive impact on how you carry a gun.

Some gun owners carry a gun just so they can stay alive.

They think that self-defense is just a matter of life or death.

Some say, “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.”

Today, I’d like to give you an option for thinking differentlyabout concealed carry.

And it starts with rethinking what I just mentioned above…

Here’s the truth:

Self-defense is NOT just a matter of life or death.

If it were only about whether or not their blood flowing through your veins and air in your lungs…

“I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6” would make sense.

The problem is that saying forgets why you even carry in the first place…

Why be alive?

Why is it important that you survive a violent encounter?

For me, it’s people.

It’s my wife. My two sons and my daughter.

It’s my best friends.

My employees.

It’s the people I care about. The people that depend on me.

It’s the people whose life would be impacted if I were gone.

That means that I’m not concerned with just surviving the fight.

I’m also concerned about going home after it’s all over.

I’d rather not be carried by six… OR judged by 12.

I want to be so prepared for self-defense that I never have to feel the penetrating gaze of 12 jurors.

Or put on a strong face for my wife and kids as I await their verdict.

Or only see my wife and kids during state-approved visits.

Leave all that stuff to the criminals.

Law-abiding gun owners like us don’t deserve that.

Don’t miss how critical this is:

This way of thinking will change everything about how you train and prepare for self-defense.

It means you’ll think about more than just getting your gun on target faster than the other guy.

There are all kinds of ways to survive a potential threat… some of them are illegal and will send you to prison.

But you bought a gun to be there for your loved ones.

It’s mental, physical, and legal preparation so you can defend yourself without going to prison.

So you can go home.

So you can be there for the birthday parties, the graduations, the weddings.

So you can be there for the breakups, the job losses, the marriage struggles.

Self-defense isn’t about surviving — it’s about the impact you can have on the people who matter most to you.

Don’t fall into the trap of “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.”

Get prepared to defend yourself the right way.

Don’t settle for being judged by 12…

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